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Confused About the IRS Nonprofit Designations?

What kind of nonprofit are you working with? Over in my Facebook group, The Nonprofit Grant Writers Mastermind, we’ve been having a discussion about whether a church is a nonprofit, with or without a 501 c 3, along with other matters associated with those pesky IRS designations. One of our members is working with a […]


Say Thank You!

Your mother taught you to say Please and Thank You when you were young, right? What about now that you are a grown-up grant writer? Thanking your funder should be high on the list of to-do’s after you get your grant. During a recent conversation with a foundation director, he mentioned with a sigh, “You’d […]


You’re Our New Grant Writer

Someone recently asked me how long it took to get where I am today with my grant writing career. That’s a hard question to answer. The simple answer is that I’ve been writing grants for over 25 years. But, how long did it take me to know what I was doing? That’s an entirely different […]

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Everything You Need To Know About Grant Writing Is Out There (Somewhere)

Any seasoned grant writer will tell you there are a gazillion (don’t use that word in a grant proposal) places to find grant writing information. You can search for them on the Internet. But I don’t have time for that, so I look for one-stop shops that offer resources, funding information, and professional development. To […]