Of course, you will need to include a budget in your grant proposal. After all, you are asking for money, so naturally, your potential funders will want to know how you plan to spend their money. And, they will want to know about all your expenses so they can determine if you are a wise steward of the funding for your organization.

Your budget should contain everything you need to operate the program or project and indicate what part of the budget you are requesting from the funder. When you create this budget, be very careful to think through every step of your program or project. Don’t leave anything out. If you have an evening program, do you need a security guard in the parking lot? Forgetting small, but very important needs can end up costing your organization when they should have been included in the grant budget.

Don’t include too much, either. If you include it in the budget, you should have mentioned it in the narrative. Never include something in the budget that is not a necessary part of the program or project for which you are requesting funding. The potential funder will see right through that little trick. So, include only what you need and make sure the potential funder knows why you need it.

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