What kind of nonprofit are you working with?

Over in my Facebook group, The Nonprofit Grant Writers Mastermind, we’ve been having a discussion about whether a church is a nonprofit, with or without a 501 c 3, along with other matters associated with those pesky IRS designations.

One of our members is working with a church that does not have its 501 c 3 designation from the IRS, although by virtue of being a church, it does qualify as a nonprofit. The member is writing a grant proposal and wonders if not having a 501 c 3 status will hurt their chances.

The discussion made me wonder about all the different designations included under the 501 category. I located this post that describes the difference in the designation codes. Posted by The Balance, maybe it will help you better understand all the different nonprofit categories used by the IRS.

If you aren’t a member of The Nonprofit Grant Writers Mastermind, ask to join and check out our discussion on the topic.

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