3 Steps to Getting Grant Ready

Think you’re ready to write a grant because you’ve found a great source and know the grant writing format? Well, wait just a minute (or a couple of days, if possible.) If you aren’t grant ready, writing grants will be much more difficult. And, if you were to actually get a grant, managing the grant might not be the gift from Heaven you think it will be.

So right now, set aside a couple of days to get grant ready. The best way to be grant ready is to gather all your information together in one place, so you can put your finger on it when you need it.

Here’s how to start getting grant ready:

Step 1:

Start walking around the office and emailing your co-workers with a list of information items you need. You will need to bug your coworkers over and over again until you get the information, because, let’s face it, its not their problem

Here’s a list to get you started:

  • Organization Mission statements
  • Current year organizational budget
  • Most recent income statement/statement of activity/balance sheet
  • List of board of directors with affiliations
  • IRS letter designating your organization as a 501 (c) (3)
  • Brochures, articles, newsletters, stories, pictures about your organization
  • Detailed description of your organization, what it does, who it serves, history, accomplishments
  • Wish list of needs with related costs
  • Descriptions and details of programs and projects for which you need funding

Step 2:

As soon as you get a bit of information, make a note where it came from. Next year, when you are looking for updated or current information, your job will be a lot easier.

Step 3:

After you have gathered as much information as you can, make a special file for it in your filing cabinet. Give it a name you can remember. Scan each item if possible so you have it in electronic format and file it on your computer where you can find it easily.

When you have all the information gathered in one place, you’re one step closer to writing your first (or next) grant. You’ll have the information you need at your fingertips and can concentrate on writing, not on hunting for information.

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