Today begins a new series of microblogs about the components every grant needs. Let’s discuss two that are inter-related. These are measurable objectives and evaluation methods. These two are connected because the evaluation methods are set in place to determine if the objectives have been met.

Objectives should be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, and Time Restricted. If you ensure that your objectives are SMART, you’ll have no trouble developing your evaluation.

Each evaluation measure must circle back to the objectives. If you stated that you were going to reach an objective and have indicated what you intend to do, then you must select evaluation methods that measure how well you have accomplished your objectives.

You can and probably should use multiple measures, so that you’ve measured each part of the objective and have looked at it from several angles. Measures may include pre-post tests, surveys, attendance records and focus groups.

If you’ve written an objective, you must include an evaluation measure for it. How else will you and the funder know if you have been successful?

What are your favorite simple-to-use evaluation methods for foundation grants?

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